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Visiting Student Guidelines For Elective Application and Registration

All visiting students must apply through VSLO. Up to twelve weeks of electives may be taken by fourth-year students. EVMS electives are not open to third-year students. Our Electives will be posted to VSLO in the early spring of 2020 and confirmation for most electives will be given as soon as possible after the May 8th scheduling deadline for EVMS students, who hold first priority.

Qualifications that must be met by the visiting student:

  • Enrollment in an LCME-accredited medical school in the U.S.

  • Satisfactory completion of all basic science courses (including physical diagnosis or similar).

  • Satisfactory completion by the start of the elective of a minimum of thirty-six (36) weeks of full-time clinical experience during which the student's primary responsibility was to follow patients on a teaching service. This experience must include at least four (4) weeks in each of at least four (4) separate disciplines from the following: Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and General Surgery.

Additional documentation and fees will be posted in VSLO with instructions and deadlines.

Any communication outside of VSLO is not considered an official request for an elective or confirmed placement in an elective. Confirmation must be received from the Visiting Student Coordinator, Jill Haught.

Additional information:

  • Each student is responsible for obtaining accommodations during his/her stay here.

  • No stipend will be paid by EVMS to visiting students taking electives for credit.

  • EVMS will provide evaluations to the sponsoring institutions. Credit for elective experiences will be given by the institution granting the MD degree to the student.

  • All visiting students must complete an exit interview with the Visiting Student Coordinator.