Scheduling Instructions

Use the form below to build your schedule for your M4 year. The scheduling form will only be available until June 7, 2021 at 10AM. At 10AM on June 7th this form will be disabled and you will need to use the "Add/Drop" form that is accessible from the EVMS Students menu above to submit requests for schedule changes. You can view your schedule at any time using the "M4 - Print Schedule" menu item. The Associate Dean will review your schedule and provide feedback electronically.


Please note that while this is your schedule, this is not your transcript and therefor all of the information contained on this scheduling site is not what will be provided to other schools or residency programs.

Step 1: Submit courses, one by one, to your unofficial schedule. Type in the course number and the majority of the information will auto-populate.

Step 2: View your course list below and make sure it accurately reflects your confirmed courses


If at any time you need assistance with this website, please email Aileen Shafer, Associate Director, at