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The M4 Schedule Builder is CLOSED - Please use the M4 Add/Drop Form to request all schedule changes.


Set your password above if you haven't already done so. If you have, click on the Log In button. Remember, this site does NOT use your EVMS password. You'll need your EVMS ID Number to set your password.


In the Schedule Builder you can add EVMS Catalog courses to your schedule… but only those for which you have confirmed placements.


What do I do with courses that are not listed in the 2019-2020 EVMS Catalog (including away rotations that I have accepted and international rotations I have been accepted to through EVMS Global Health)? Submit a Non-Catalog Course Request Form. All forms and resources needed for scheduling are under the EVMS Students menu above. Every course that is not in the catalog needs to be submitted to your schedule through the Objectives Form. This form has an approval process where we will vet it fully for objectives, requirement category, LCME faculty appointments, affiliation agreements, and appropriateness to your schedule. Please do not begin any course that does not show as “Approved” as it will not be transferred to your transcript and you will not be able to receive credit for that experience. This protects both you and EVMS legally as well as ensures we are in compliance with our accrediting body. This is extremely important. When a course is approved, it will be added to your schedule for you and you will receive an email notification of your schedule update.


From April 8th – June 17th you can make as many changes to your schedule that you need to. When you make a change, please let the course coordinators know. I can’t stress this enough. If you delete a course from your schedule you need to let the coordinator know, via email, so they can open that slot up to your classmates on the waiting list. And again, only add courses to your schedule that you have confirmed with the course coordinator.

On April 22nd you will start completing compliance assignments in Blackboard for your M4 year. This is a condensed version of the compliance activities you completed for intercession last spring. In fact, some of the assignments will be the exact same but have an annual renewal so you will have to renew/re-complete in order to begin your M4 year. More information will be sent out closer to the date.


On June 17th you will start using the add/drop form to make changes to your schedule. You can continue to change your schedule until December 13th.


On December 13th your schedule is final. Schedule changes will only be approved after this date for extenuating circumstances… example of an extenuating circumstance: my preceptor moved to a different state and can no longer teach me during this time.


If at any time you need assistance with this website, please email Aileen Shafer at shaferam@evms.edu.